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Questions and answers

Answers to frequently asked questions

1. How to calculate/start calculation of provisions?

To start calculation, you should create your account using the Sign in button in the logging panel in the top right corner of the page. During the registration process, a User defines a unique login and password. Once logged in, the User goes to his/her account where s/he can valuate his/her employee benefit provisions. NOTE! Registration is entirely free, and you will not be obliged to use the provisions valuation service.

2. Which benefits can I calculate provisions for online?

Online Facility e-AKTUARIAT enables you to calculate provisions yourself for the following employee benefits:
- retirement packages
- disability packages
- death benefits 
- jubilee awards
- unused annual leaves
- allowance for the Company Social Fund (CSF) for old-age pensioners and disability pensioners 

The Facility provides both the possibility of valuating employee benefit provisions which are governed by the general laws (retirement & disability packages and other payments – Polish Labour Code, CSF – the CSF Act) as well as the possibility of entering yourself the rules/schemes of employee benefit payments where they are subject to internal company regulations: remuneration bylaw, collective labour agreement, agreements with employees, etc.
The Facility enables also the calculation of changes in the liabilities during the 1 balance sheet year considering actuarial gains or losses, current employment costs, interest costs.

3. Is the valuation of employee benefit provisions subject to a fee in the e-AKTUARIAT Facility?

Yes. After logging into his/her account, the User may define the service s/he wishes to use in the Price Offer tab. The service is going to be priced and a detailed offer with the price displayed. Only upon payment of the fee is the User able to use the full version of the Facility. 

NOTE! Defining the service and price calculation is free of charge.
You can test the online Facility free of charge (demo version), however, you will not be able to obtain calculation results, and the free service will only allow you to become acquainted with the operation of the Facility and valuation of employee benefit provisions.

4. Do I have to sign in in order to have my employee benefit provisions valuated?

Yes. You must sign in in order to carry out valuation of your employee benefit provisions yourself. When signing in, you need to provide login, password, name, tax identification number (NIP) and sector of the company for which provisions will be calculated as well as the e-mail address necessary to confirm your registration. Establishing an account facilitates calculation and storage of employee benefit provisions results, storage of reports and issuance of a VAT invoice for a completed valuation. Having the account makes it possible to provide the calculation to any person authorized to audit the company’s financial statements.

5. Is it possible to test the online Facility for provisions valuation without signing in to the Facility?

Yes. The demo version available on the Facility’s home page allows testing of the Facility operation free of charge. You do not need to be a registered Facility User in order to make a trial calculation.

6. Who can calculate provisions?

Any person interested in calculating employee benefit provisions may create an account and calculate provisions once the fee is paid.
Pursuant to the Accounting Act (AA), since 2009 corporate entities are obliged by law to create provisions for employee benefits and report them in the balance sheet.
The materiality rule set forth in the AA releases companies from the obligation of creating provisions, however, in order to determine so, a company needs to establish the provisions amount first.

7. If I cannot define the valuation assumptions myself, can the calculation still be completed?

During the calculation process the User is asked to enter data necessary to calculate the employee turnover ratio. Once the data are input, the ratio is being automatically calculated on the Facility web pages. If, however, it is not reflecting a real situation, the company may define the annual employee turnover ratio itself. The discount rate adopted for the provisions calculation is also calculated automatically. The company may input a different figure.

NOTE! If individual assumptions are defined, the actuarial report will show 2 calculation scenarios: for assumptions recommended by e-AKTUARIAT (computed automatically) and for assumptions defined by the User.

8. Is it possible to lodge a complaint in the e-AKTUARIAT Facility?

If there are problems with the Facility operation, you should report them forthwith to the Facility administrator by sending an e-mail to: . The e-mail should contain a detailed description of the problem.

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